Process Post #1

This week, I reactivated my reclaim hosting account and registered a new WordPress blog. The first dilemma I encountered while registering my blog is the theme: What topic am I interested in enough to write a post about every week? I looked at the vision board I created the previous week, and I found that I often indulge in blogs and Youtube videos revolving around fashion (specifically, fall and winter fashion). Now that we are beginning to transition into the fall season, it’s time to pack away the summer pieces and pull out some autumn clothing. I decided that I will create weekly blog posts, documenting outfit ideas (straight out of my own closet) during this awkward transition phase.

After I decided on a theme, I brainstormed some blog names that can accurately represent my future content. It was difficult for me to come up with a name that was both fit the theme and has potential to attract readers. I tried various tactics to spark some inspiration, such as going through my Spotify playlists and shuffling through song titles. At last, I decided to stick to a simpler name: everythingsweetandcozy. The name is self explanatory, and I liked the way it sounded in my head.

For the visual theme of my blog, I combined a variety of cozy visual factors (fairy lights on bedroom walls) and sweet font styles and colours (light pink and lavender).