Dressing for the Winter Weather

As the temperature continues to drop, I find that the usual trouser+sneaker combination is no longer sufficient for me to stay warm. It’s much easier to stay warm on top compared to the bottom, and I’m constantly scurrying to my next destination in order to decrease the amount of time my legs are exposed to the cold. With that being said, the following are a few tricks to stay warm without having to layer up excessively on the legs:

Over-the-Knee Boots + Skinny Jeans

This may be the easiest combination of them all. I love wearing skinny jeans for the aesthetics as well as the warmth due to the tighter fit. It really does a great job of retaining the heat! My pairing skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots, you can make sure that your legs stay warm while looking slim. I suggest black over-the-knee boots with a suede material for the snuggest and warm fit. If you want to slim down your legs, you can choose a pair of slightly heeled boots as well!

UGG’s + Leggings

This is a great combination for those days when you want to stay warm and cozy without the hassle of coordinating a perfect outfit. UGG’s look great with most pants/leggings as long as they are slim fit. My favorite combination is an oversized sweater, slim fit pants, and UGG’s. If you wish to dress down even more, I like to wear leggings, UGG’s, and a hoodie. I don’t think an outfit can get simpler and more minimalistic than this. For the most optimal aesthetics, I suggest black leggings (just because it has a smaller chance of color-clashing with the boots). There are also tons of styles of UGG’s to select from! My favorite is the classic short grey boots (as pictured above).

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