Top 3 Stores for Minimalists

In today’s day and age, a lot of shopping can be accomplished through the internet. I love Amazon Prime, and I’ll even order food from UberEats on a rare occasion. However, I always purchase clothing in-store (or at least, try it on in-store first). There has been one too many occasions where the size or fit simply isn’t right, and I’m stuck with a final sale item that never gets to see the light of day.

I’d like to think that after making clothing purchases for 10 years, I’ve found the perfect stores for those who prefer the minimalistic and simple style.

#1 Aritzia ($$)

This probably goes without saying. Approximate 90% of the posts on this blog contain items from Aritzia, and my own closet is filled with Aritiza clothing. I think I’ve always loved the style of this store, but the High School me could not possibly afford to shop at Aritzia on the usual. I could not justify paying above $100 for a sweater or a pair of trousers back then (unfortunately, not the case anymore LOL). With the help of co-op and part-time jobs, I am now able to fund my shopping sprees at Aritzia.

Aritzia was originally founded in Vancouver, and I’m so proud that Aritzia has made it internationally. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing their pieces, and I’m not surprised at all. Their style is simple yet flattering, and the quality is also not bad for a fast-fashion chain. I find that complicated and colorful pieces often seem attractive at first, but I also get tired of the garment quicker. Simple pieces make it easier to match with other clothing, and it’s less likely to go out of style.

#2 Lululemon Athletica ($$)

I don’t think I’ve actually worn any Lulumeon pieces in my blogs, but that doesn’t mean that I love them any less than the other stores. I’ve refrained from wearing or mentioning too much Lululemon pieces in my blog posts, simply because they are sporty-casual and that’s not the direction I initially wanted to take my blog.

I’ve personally purchased and tried on leggings from various brands (TNA, Adidas, Nike, etc.) and none compares to the aesthetics and comfort of Lululemons leggings. Two years ago, I thought that I would never be crazy enough to pay $100 for a pair of leggings. Today, I can say firmly that I’ve purchased 4 pairs of leggings from Lululemon over the course of a year. That’s one pair every 3 months on average. They offer different materials for different purposes (day-to-day, yoga, running), and different lengths as well (did I mention they have complimentary tailoring as well?). On my lazy days when I just don’t feel like constricting my legs with skinny jeans, I throw on a pair of Lululemon leggings and a hoodie. You can never go wrong with that combination!

#3 Oak and Fort ($)

I think we were all expecting this one as well. When I think of minimalistic fashion, the first brand that pops up in my head is Oak and Fort. The majority of pieces at Oak and Fort are neutral-toned and gender-neutral. There are a couple of girly pieces here and there, but they specialize in more over-sized and loose-fitting attire. I find that Oak and Fort clothing has been decaying in quality. The past two purchases have had the same ware-house-y smell to them. And it isn’t pleasant at all. I’m not sure why this is, but it makes it hard for me to want to wear the garment out when I’m always conscious of how it smells to other people.

In terms of pricing, I think that it’s more wallet-friendly than Aritzia. However, I cannot place Oak and Fort higher than Aritzia because I simply do not find nearly as many favorites. It’s unfortunate, but it seems that Oak and Fort has changed their business strategy to quantity-over-quality over the past few years.

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