Process Post #9

This week in the lecture, Suzanne spoke to us about the current developments in online media as well as technology. She taught us how to customize your own Alexa from Amazon, and create algorithmic responses. I came out of the lecture feeling both grateful and a little concerned. Grateful, because the internet and technology have made life so much easier for the majority of us. Scared, because of the invasion of privacy and the fear of constantly being watched. I’m no longer surprised when I get ads of a certain brand after searching about it on the internet, but sometimes I will speak about a certain food I am craving and have the ad pop up on my Instagram feed. Now that’s a little unsettling.

With the current development in advertisement and media, many brands and advertisers have chosen to focus on mobile marketing instead of desk top marketing. We spend the majority of our day on our phones now, and the computer is often just a place to watch video content or perform work. If I am relaxing, I am more likely to be on my phone than I am to be on the computer. Even if I am on the computer, I’m usually browsing through Netflix, where I am less susceptible to advertisements. Personalized ads make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, but at what point should we question whether the loss of privacy is worth the convenience?

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