A minimalist’s winter wishlist – Bags

Halloween is finally over, and it’s once-again appropriate to blast Christmas music! As we head into the season of carols and gift-giving, I couldn’t help but browse through webpages for my own personal wish list. You know, the one that you save on a folder in your browser and occasionally open to take a peek at? Only to close the tabs again because your wallet is empty and you’ve spent an unreasonable amount of dollars on Starbucks.

To offset the sad thoughts as I look at all the items on my wishlist, I thought that it would be a great idea to share the things that I have been eyeing. I hope is to make this a series, where I can share one category of items per week. Due to the sheer absurdity of some of the prices, I won’t be sharing the exact retail value. But I will still link the items in the pictures, just in case anyone is looking for a worthy splurge. If you couldn’t already tell, this week we will explore my bags wishlist. Starting from most unattainable to least 😀

#1 Chanel Wallet on Chain ($$$)

This is one of those bags that I don’t quite like enough to drop the $$$, but I would consider for a graduation gift of some sort. As in, I wouldn’t pay for this out of my own pockets but if a family member purchasing it for me on a very special occasion, I would be more than grateful to receive it. This bag has an estimated retail value of C$3,000. It’s composed of lambskin and silver-tone metal. I wouldn’t suggest taking out all your savings for any bag (or any material item, really), but a great way to look at it is by setting the item as a reward after completing a goal. For me, I would consider purchasing this bag for myself once I complete my CPA. Which would be years down the road, but it serves as a form of healthy motivation.

#2 Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet ($$$)

This is a classic YSL bag that I can imagine myself using upon graduation. Realistically, I would probably choose a YSL over a Chanel bag as a graduation present. Simply because it’s a less prestige brand with a price tag that I can justify for a once-per-3-years purchase. This bag with made with “grain de poudre embossed leather”, whatever that means. It comes with the classic YSL monogram with a removable silver chain. Unlike the Chanel, this YSL bag comes with a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes. You can also choose to purchase the double-flap version of this bag , although I personally find it to be a little excessive. This bag is priced at C$2,200 before tax, which is again, an EXTREMELY hefty price tag. But for those who can justify purchasing luxury, it’s a worthy investment among other similar-priced bags.

#3 Coach Riley Top Handle 18 ($$)

Moving forward from my obsession with black wallet-on-chains, this is a more-affordable option that I can see myself purchasing in the next few months. I had the opportunity to see this model in-store yesterday at the Richmond CF center, and I was unfortunately met with the news that this color has already sold out both online AND instore. Oh well, more incentive to save my money haha. It comes with three compartments inside, with a zipper on the middle divider:

This could be good or bad news, depending on whether you enjoy organizing all your items. This could be a great design for someone who has smaller, sleek items that they carry around. It could also be a nightmare for those who want the option to stuff a whole burrito in their bag (no shame!). This bag retails for $550, and I suggest that you wait a few months before making the purchase. Coach usually drops more color options after the initial launch, and most of the more-established models have upwards 10 pattern/design options. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to treat yourself in this cold season!

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