Process Post #8

In this week’s lecture, our guest speaker showed us the abilities of google analytics and ad settings. Through your google search results, Google is able to make correct assumptions regarding your interests as well as facts about you. I was surprised to find that they correctly guessed my age range, relationship status, and online habits. It’s both fascinating and frightening that my computer knows so much about who I am as a person.

Additionally, we learned about the capabilities of google analytics for industry experts who use the information to analyze website statistics (such as ad dollar per post, most frequently visited web pages, etc.) I doubt that I will ever use even half of the functions that google analytics offers, but I really enjoyed learning about how marketing analytics can be used to track website usage. If I decide to change my career path and pursue Marketing instead of Accounting, I will definitely look into the many certifications that google analytics offers. I think that it would also be helpful to gain certification in Hootsuite for those who are looking into pursuing Marketing.

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