1 Trouser 2 Looks – Part Two

Back again with the same pants! This time, I’ve created an outfit to disrupt the business-casual style of the pants purposefully. Previously, we’ve discussed how we can assimilate the office-appropriate outfit into something that won’t look weird if you decide to go Downtown after work. We kept the material and color similar while adding some extra volume with a flowy cut on the camisole. This week, we will add an additional factor of surprise to the outfit.

From the front, the shirt looks like a simple knit-top with additional fabric wrapped around the waist. However, when you turn around you can see that there is an intricate wrap design that adds an element of surprise. I love this outfit, because it allows you to portray two characters without having to change anything. In the office, you can throw on a button-up cardigan for a work-appropriate outfit. During the night when you want to go bar-hopping with your friends, you can throw the cardigan in your purse and enjoy a more casual outfit. The top is both girly and flirty, with a minimalistic color that won’t raise eyebrows in the office. For shoes, I went with some comfortable tan pointed ballerina flats (unfortunately, I bought these in Japan so they aren’t accessible in Canada). Again, appropriate for the office setting and for the night out.

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