Process Post #7

This week, we had a guest speaker come in to speak to us about copyright rules and regulations. Copyright is a term that is often misunderstood, and it applies to any published content. Copyright is not the same concept as patents; patents are extremely expensive and need to be repurchased once it expires.

Copyright has been a particularly interesting topic on YouTube. Recent controversies among Youtubers have highlighted the issue of “fair use policy”, which states that users are able to use published content to make commentaries, criticism, and teaching-material. However, there have been circumstances where smaller content creators get their channels taken away due to larger and more established Youtubers filing ‘strikes’ against them. These ‘strikes’ of fair use violations are often misused and submitted solely because the original content creator does not agree with the commentaries or criticism.

As a viewer, it’s also irritating to see that content creators are not able to use music in their Youtube videos in fear of copyright violation. Even if the content creators sing the song themselves with no use of background music, they could risk having their content demonetized.

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