Peer Review – Moods and Mixtapes

This time, I have the pleasure of reviewing the blog of Erica, called Moods and Mixtapes.


Right off the bat, I am drawn in and very impressed with the design of the webpage. It reminds me of the graphics boxes you see in comic books. I can tell that Erica put a lot of thought into designing the blog. All of the visuals on the page have a common theme of abstract comic-style art, and it sets a personality to the blog. I can tell that the creator has a fun-loving personality and enjoys art. I would say that it may be more direct for the reader if there are stationary art pieces that says “music”, something that is obvious at first look.


Once again, I love the design of the webpage. I really like that there is a side bar where everything is organized: from “home”, to “about me”, to “play when…”, to “publishing”. It can, however, get a little confusing because the blog posts are rather scattered on the pages. It’s hard to tell the chronological order of when things are posted.


Erica has a nice variety of music content for her readers. I really like that not only does she say which song she likes, she categorizes them into moods. Perhaps I am feeling stressed from school, I can be rest assured to find a playlist for that mood. Maybe I am feeling productive, I can probably also find a playlist that will help me get on the grind. I also really enjoy that she talks about mental health in some of her blog posts. When someone is searching for sad music, there are likely reasons behind that feeling. Erica does a great job of addressing potential concerns. It really adds the element of customization as well as personalization.

Social Media:

While Erica does not have any social media accounts linked, she does have her Spotify account on her menu. It makes a lot of sense for her blog content, and it fits right in. It would be great if Erica could also list her Instagram for her readers, although not everyone is comfortable with that so it’s really her call!

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