Process Post #6

For this week, I decided to try something new and do a “fashion favorites” blog post instead of an outfit post. I feel like winter is a time where a lot of people feel heavily restricted in their outfit choices. Numerous mornings, I wake up and throw on some leggings and oversized top because I want to prioritize being warm and comfortable instead of focusing on aesthetics. However, I feel like we don’t always need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to feel comfy in our outfits. After all, clothing is supposed to make you feel cozy and empowering. Before deciding what to wear, I always evaluate the weather as well as my activities for the day. If it’s sunny and I am going out with some friends, I prefer to dress well and wear some boots with a skirt. However, if it is raining and I just have to attend class, I would likely put less thought into how I look.

Ultimately, I hope that the post can encourage everyone to make well-informed and comfy purchases. The three items I listed all have a twist and edge to their design, which can easily elevate any outfit.

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