1 Trouser 2 Looks – Part One

In preparation for my co-op term next semester, I browsed the Artizia store last weekend in search of work-appropriate outfits. The most difficult part of choosing office-appropriate attire is the pants because I normally wear leggings and jeans at school or on the weekends. The material is comfortable, and I don’t need to put too much effort into choosing the top. Unfortunately, my next co-op job requires me to wear business-casual clothing to work every single day. Since over half of the clothing in my closet are inappropriate for the office settings, I have to make some thoughtful purchases on office-appropriate clothing.

The trouser that I picked out is a pair of black high-rise pants that are tapered at the bottom. I wouldn’t want this to be a purchase that I can’t wear on the daily, so I put together a few casual outfits that I can wear in the Fall or Springtime.

The best thing about this outfit is that it’s very versatile. If you’re in a warm in-doors environment, you can go without the cardigan and just wear the black satin cropped camisole. Since the cami is also black and has a satin finish, it does not disturb the simplicity and formality of the business-casual pants. However, the design allows you to step away from the strict office style. The cut of both the cami and the cardigan also allows the belt to peek through the front. I chose this grey, cropped cardigan because of its colour and cut. Since we chose a black top as well as black pants, it would be a slight jump if the cardigan had bright colors or loud patterns. This toned-down grey compliments the black and white theme of the outfit. For shoes, I went with a similar silver-color flats to match the cardigan.

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