Process Post #5

This week I looked at redesigning and restructuring my website. Since we are conducting our second peer review focused on web design and layout, I decided to completely change my current theme. My previous theme had a no banner, but I added photos of fairy lights in the background to create the illusion of a cozy bedroom. Unfortunately, I did not receive great feedback for the fairy lights, because the majority of people did not think that it relates to the theme of the blog: winter cozy fashion. I also had a dark background with dark and light purple writing.

I decided that I will use a theme this time that displays a large banner as my front page. I wanted to choose a picture that would immediately explain my blog concept to new readers: a big walk-in closet. I chose a theme that was both modern and minimalistic, sticking to neutral tones. I feel like the minimalistic appearance of the closet on my banner accurately depicts my blog theme and style preference. I rarely wear garments with patterns or bright colors, so hopefully, readers can interpret that based on my banner on the home page. I also made the color theme bright and modern, which helps me better utilize my white space as well.

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