Peer Review – JennWenn

This week I am doing my second peer review of the semester. I will be reviewing Jennifer’s blog, focusing on her design and theme.

Here’s the link to her blog if you’re interested in checking out her content!


Jennifer’s blog focuses on travel and food. As soon as I click onto her webpage, I can see a large photo of beach scenery. I can immediately tell that this will be a travel blog, perhaps more summer-focused as well. It would be great if she could add a food component to the background as well, perhaps make a collage of travel and food content.

Color Scheme

The blog makes really great use of white space and the washed-out colour of the main header image matches her clean theme very well. I like that she has chosen a rather simple and minimalistic approach to her blog, because too much colour can easily overwhelm the reader. I feel very relaxed reading her blog.

Font Usage

Jennifer has kept her font consistent for her main header as well as her menu. This is great for ease of viewing, but I would suggest maybe using a font that does not capitalize all letters. This way, the words could be easier to read.


So far Jennifer has a few food and travel blogs linked on her blog, and I really like her use of photos instead of simply using words to describe the restaurants. It’s also great that the puts caption on the images to divert the audience’s eyes towards the main focus of the photos. She is also very detailed when describing the ambience, as well as listing out the price of foods. The use of photos of illuminated lights in her digital art museum blog is gorgeous as well. I would suggest that Jennifer upload more blogs so that viewers can have more content to binge on!

Social Media

It would be great if Jennifer could link her Instagram to her blog!

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