Sweater Varieties – Favourites

My favourite part of the Fall season is that I once again have an excuse to start sweater shopping. Often times, I find myself deviating towards purchasing the oversized, neutral-tone sweaters. While they are extremely comfy and cozy, I do find myself wanting to ditch the baggy look every once in a while. In this week’s blog post, I will introduce my three favourite “baggy sweater” alternatives that will both keep you warm and in trend.

#1: Cropped with an edge

Aritzia – Wilfred Yacine Longsleeve (Roebuck)

Before we hit full winter-bod mode, I like to expose a bit of stomach. This Wilfred sweater is thick enough for you to walk out of the house with just one extra layer. The material is predominantly composed of wool, so the website advices that you hand wash this piece. However, I have tested out the claim by carelessly throwing it into the wash, following it up with the dryer. As far as I can tell, the sweater seems to manage fine (although there may have been an initial shrinkage that stretches out over time anyway). It looks great with any high waisted jeans or skirts

#2: Cropped button-up cardigan

Aritzia – Wilfred Plunge Front Cardigan (Tan)

If you’re starting to see a theme now with my blog posts, you’re right – I do love my crop tops (bonus if they sinch at the waist!). The most important aspect of putting together an outfit is to find your best asset and accentuate it. This will vary person-to-person, and for me I really appreciate any item of clothing that shows off the waist. I love this cardigan, because it’s easy to style and versatile throughout the changing seasons. During the Spring time, I use it as a “jacket/cardigan” over a cute spring top. It’s thick enough to fend off the chilly night breeze, and light enough to carry around when I’m indoors. During the Fall and Winter time, I wear this as a sweater on its own and layer a downed jacket over top. I will forewarn you that you do NOT want to put this into the wash and dryer. The striped knit-pattern will wrinkle, and that is not a good look. Additionally, tread carefully when wearing this as a sweater on its own (similar to how to model in the picture wears it), as the material is not the softest.

#3: Teddy sweater

Urban Outfitters – Track Meet Half-Zip Sweatshirt (Cream)

Last but not least, we can’t exclude the most prominent trend of 2019 – the teddy coat. Something about the cold season just brings out the teddy-bear fanatic in all of us. This white and fluffy sweater is the perfect pull-over on a casual night. If you don’t like wearing jackets, this sweater can temporarily substitute the need for jackets while the weather is still mild. Just make sure to wear something long-sleeved underneath!

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