Peer Review – In the Seams

This week, we were assigned partners within our tutorials to review each other’s process thus far. I was assigned to review Melissa’s blog titled, “In the Seams”. In Melissa’s blog, she discusses the current fashion industry and methods that can help consumers become more mindful in terms of environmental sustainability.

I really appreciate that Melissa is taking the time to educate her audience on sustainable shopping because it’s a difficult task for students. Although we do have access to sustainable and ethical brands such as Reformation, the price tag associated with the clothing items are simply too extreme for any student or young adult. So far, Melissa has talked about the unsustainable fashion trend and its long term consequences on the environment. She has also written a blog post regarding how to shop sustainably without breaking the bank. While this is a great concept for educational purposes, I think her audience may need more motivation to really apply the knowledge. One suggestion is that Melissa can review specific store and thrift shops that she has visited, and write a brief review on them. This way, people who are new to sustainable clothing can have a few starting points.

I like that she has kept the theme of her blog simple overall, but I would suggest a photo for the background without text. Since there is a lot of text on blogs already, it may be a bit distracting for readers if the banner is also filled with text. I do think that she should stick with the green colour theme, it fits very well with her concept of sustainability. There were some minor grammatical and spelling errors throughout the articles, but otherwise, I think that she is headed off in a great direction.

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