Process Post #2

This week I considered what social media platform I should link to this blog, and I thought that Instagram may be a good choice. However, there are a few factors that I had to consider before officially adding the plugin.

First of all, there is a concern of a lack of professionalism. My instagram mainly consists of everyday posts with selfies and events, which doesn’t necessary look professional for my blog. I think that it may be better to have a separate instagram that is exclusively for my blog. I could post pictures of outfit ideas, or even ootd’s (outfit of the day).

Second, I am concerned about the lack of privacy. A lot of my posts are with friends and even at school events. This may expose some personal information, such as which school I am going to or where I frequent. It may also be a concern for my friends who are featured on my instagram posts. They may not like that they are being exposed on a public platform such as my blog.

This is an ongoing decision that I have yet to make, but hopefully I’ll make up my mind soon!

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