Youtube is a great resource for a variety of reasons: you can find academic content, binge watch comedy clips, and compilations. Personally, I love to watch fashion vloggers to find my own inspiration. You don’t necessarily need to purchase or even replicate their styles; in fact, it’s a much better idea to find inspirations from others while cultivating your own style. Below are the content creators who I often binge-watch:

Jenn Im

Best Dressed (aka Ashley)


Essay #2

              During the semester, I learned a lot about my publication style as well as the value that my blog content can potentially add to readers. When I initially explored the idea of blog content creation, I knew that I had to pick a topic that I was passionate about and experienced in. I wanted to write about and publish a topic that I think about daily because of my own interest (and not something that I will find dreadful to think about). I decided to write about my passion for minimalistic fashion style, which is derived from my interest in neutral tones from my own fashion preferences. My blog is created for those in high school to college students as well as those who have recently entered the working field. It’s easy for students to fall into the repetitive school work pattern and lose interest in pursuing their own personal style. In an article by Tara Chittenden, the author states that, “Fashion provides a key source of empowerment for teens, offering a range of material and symbolic resources from which they can create identities” (Chittenden, 2009). I went through a difficult phase growing up while trying to find my perfect medium for fashion and style, and I’ve made many wrong purchases that did not stand the test of time and eventually get tossed to the back of the closet. I hope that by sharing my inspirations and ideas, I can help teens and adolescents discover their own style as well.

              While creating content, I did not immediately choose the right design and use of space for my blog. A few lectures ago, we had a few guest speakers come in to talk to us about the importance of font usage as well as white space. I found that while the use of fairy light images accurately portrayed the theme of a, “everything sweet and cozy”, which is my blog name, it did not accurately represent the true intent of my blog: fashion. After further feedback from peers, I decided to re-do my webpage and re-designed the layout as well. This time, I left more white space and kept the colors light and neutral. This theme matches my style content, which is meant to be minimalistic. If I were to continue to expand my blog and monetize the content, I would consider making sponsored content and reviews. In recent years, “companies have begun to realize the benefits of using blogs as a marketing tool, as they are a targeted and inexpensive way to get publicity and reach potential consumers” (Halvorsen and Hoffman, 2013). Although YouTube remains the most popular platform for marketing and advertisements, blog reviews may seem more genuine due to the lack of over-exaggerated language and expressions.

              I decided to open the comment function on my blog posts for any individuals who wish to express their opinions on my content. I think that it’s important for content (especially writing) to be critiqued and openly discussed. In order to improve and enhance my content, I would like to receive constructive criticism. However, I do have worries regarding unfiltered comment sections. During one of our early lectures, we discussed the psychology of cyberspace. Online, “people have the opportunity to separate their actions from their real-world and identity [and] they feel less vulnerable about opening up” (Suler, 2004). This can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, you can evoke true feelings and thoughts out of the commenter as they do not feel threatened by potential judgment. For those who are shy, they can choose to use the anonymity function to their advantage and voice their own opinions. On the flip side, the individual can choose to post malicious comments that are not constructive in nature. Without the accountability of face-to-face encounters, people may take advantage of the opportunity to become “internet trolls” and unleash negativity.

              This blog is not only a place for me to inspire other people, but it’s also a place where I can explore my creative side. Being a Business major student concentrating in Accounting, I have found that I lost a great number of my interests to yield to school and co-op work. By writing the weekly blogs, I began to re-open my eyes to activities that inspire creativity within me. I hope that I can inspire others to find themselves as well. To many, fashion is vain and materialistic. To me and many others, it is a form of self-expression and discovery. We are all visual beings, and we make many assumptions based on an individual’s appearance. We should take advantage of this feature instead of avoiding it and embrace the impact fashion has on our identity and self-discovery.


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Dressing for the Winter Weather

As the temperature continues to drop, I find that the usual trouser+sneaker combination is no longer sufficient for me to stay warm. It’s much easier to stay warm on top compared to the bottom, and I’m constantly scurrying to my next destination in order to decrease the amount of time my legs are exposed to the cold. With that being said, the following are a few tricks to stay warm without having to layer up excessively on the legs:

Over-the-Knee Boots + Skinny Jeans

This may be the easiest combination of them all. I love wearing skinny jeans for the aesthetics as well as the warmth due to the tighter fit. It really does a great job of retaining the heat! My pairing skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots, you can make sure that your legs stay warm while looking slim. I suggest black over-the-knee boots with a suede material for the snuggest and warm fit. If you want to slim down your legs, you can choose a pair of slightly heeled boots as well!

UGG’s + Leggings

This is a great combination for those days when you want to stay warm and cozy without the hassle of coordinating a perfect outfit. UGG’s look great with most pants/leggings as long as they are slim fit. My favorite combination is an oversized sweater, slim fit pants, and UGG’s. If you wish to dress down even more, I like to wear leggings, UGG’s, and a hoodie. I don’t think an outfit can get simpler and more minimalistic than this. For the most optimal aesthetics, I suggest black leggings (just because it has a smaller chance of color-clashing with the boots). There are also tons of styles of UGG’s to select from! My favorite is the classic short grey boots (as pictured above).

Process Post #11

This week in the lecture, we looked at the different news platforms and their rules for comments. My group researched on New York Times, and I noticed that there are many rules and regulations regarding the posting of comments. First of all, New York Times has regular comment moderators who ensure that comments are relevant and appropriate upon submission. Comment sections are also limited in volume and posting time, as certain articles are time-restricted for comments and there are also restrictions on how many comments are allowed per post. I think that the moderation of comments is both positive and negative. Although it’s important for publication websites such as The New York Times to ensure the quality and authenticity of their comments (e.g. by requiring commenters to have a valid account), it may prohibit free speech as well.

Top 3 Stores for Minimalists

In today’s day and age, a lot of shopping can be accomplished through the internet. I love Amazon Prime, and I’ll even order food from UberEats on a rare occasion. However, I always purchase clothing in-store (or at least, try it on in-store first). There has been one too many occasions where the size or fit simply isn’t right, and I’m stuck with a final sale item that never gets to see the light of day.

I’d like to think that after making clothing purchases for 10 years, I’ve found the perfect stores for those who prefer the minimalistic and simple style.

#1 Aritzia ($$)

This probably goes without saying. Approximate 90% of the posts on this blog contain items from Aritzia, and my own closet is filled with Aritiza clothing. I think I’ve always loved the style of this store, but the High School me could not possibly afford to shop at Aritzia on the usual. I could not justify paying above $100 for a sweater or a pair of trousers back then (unfortunately, not the case anymore LOL). With the help of co-op and part-time jobs, I am now able to fund my shopping sprees at Aritzia.

Aritzia was originally founded in Vancouver, and I’m so proud that Aritzia has made it internationally. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing their pieces, and I’m not surprised at all. Their style is simple yet flattering, and the quality is also not bad for a fast-fashion chain. I find that complicated and colorful pieces often seem attractive at first, but I also get tired of the garment quicker. Simple pieces make it easier to match with other clothing, and it’s less likely to go out of style.

#2 Lululemon Athletica ($$)

I don’t think I’ve actually worn any Lulumeon pieces in my blogs, but that doesn’t mean that I love them any less than the other stores. I’ve refrained from wearing or mentioning too much Lululemon pieces in my blog posts, simply because they are sporty-casual and that’s not the direction I initially wanted to take my blog.

I’ve personally purchased and tried on leggings from various brands (TNA, Adidas, Nike, etc.) and none compares to the aesthetics and comfort of Lululemons leggings. Two years ago, I thought that I would never be crazy enough to pay $100 for a pair of leggings. Today, I can say firmly that I’ve purchased 4 pairs of leggings from Lululemon over the course of a year. That’s one pair every 3 months on average. They offer different materials for different purposes (day-to-day, yoga, running), and different lengths as well (did I mention they have complimentary tailoring as well?). On my lazy days when I just don’t feel like constricting my legs with skinny jeans, I throw on a pair of Lululemon leggings and a hoodie. You can never go wrong with that combination!

#3 Oak and Fort ($)

I think we were all expecting this one as well. When I think of minimalistic fashion, the first brand that pops up in my head is Oak and Fort. The majority of pieces at Oak and Fort are neutral-toned and gender-neutral. There are a couple of girly pieces here and there, but they specialize in more over-sized and loose-fitting attire. I find that Oak and Fort clothing has been decaying in quality. The past two purchases have had the same ware-house-y smell to them. And it isn’t pleasant at all. I’m not sure why this is, but it makes it hard for me to want to wear the garment out when I’m always conscious of how it smells to other people.

In terms of pricing, I think that it’s more wallet-friendly than Aritzia. However, I cannot place Oak and Fort higher than Aritzia because I simply do not find nearly as many favorites. It’s unfortunate, but it seems that Oak and Fort has changed their business strategy to quantity-over-quality over the past few years.

Process Post #10

What is fashion, and what is style? That’s a question that I’ve more or less asked myself ever since starting this post. Often times, people like to associate “style” with how prestige an item is, or how esthetic it appears. But really, value, as well as beauty, are in the eye of the beholder. One shirt may look stunning to me and worth $100, but to someone else, it may look plain enough to only spend $20. Personally, I grew up accustomed to shopping in large department stores such as Forever 21. For my entire High School life, I’ve tried to find my own style and clothing that fits me. The majority of my purchases never survived the stand of time, and either deteriorated or got tossed to the back of my closet, never to be worn again. It wasn’t until last year, that I really changed my mindset regarding purchases: there is no point in buying a $20 shirt that I will wear once. Instead, I would rather spend $100 on a shirt that I will feel confident in and wear multiple times. Those $20’s add up, and in the end, I am not receiving nearly as much utility as I would if I had just bought what I actually wanted.

Of course, this is all a privilege. Many people don’t have the luxury to buy what they want, nor have the means to purchase enough items to find their style. In the end, I think that your own style is whatever makes you feel confident. There is no better or worse, and more expensive does not always equal better quality or more utility.

A minimalist’s winter wishlist – Shoes

If I were to ever attend rehab (knock-on-wood), it would probably for shoes. I don’t know what started it, but once I put on a pair of pretty shoes I just can’t bear taking it off. I need to take it home with me so that I can add it to my shoe collection! I’ve made a few splurge purchases that I instantly regret or end up tossing it in the back of my closet. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that I should steer away from all shoes that are “trendy”. AKA, I like it right now because everyone else is wearing it, but I don’t wholeheartedly enjoy them. I plan on writing a post about shoe favourites, but for now, we will explore the unpurchased items that I have yet to pull the trigger on. Once again, we will be listing the shoes from least-attainable to most!

Warning, most of these shoes are $$$ because of my obsession with classic and timeless pieces. Please bear with me 🙁

#1 Manolo Blahnik Hangisiflat Velvet ($$$)

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve eyed these shoes for, but it must have been somewhere around the summer before I began attending University. These hangisi flats are possibly the prettiest shoes I have ever seen, but I can’t see myself actually getting much wear out of it. For starters, it’s C$1,185 (YIKES). Need I say more? Haha but in all seriousness, these shoes are made with velvet. That does not sound very friendly for the normal day-to-day wear and tear. It’s especially fragile in the land of raincouver, where rain can fall any time and anywhere it wants. I don’t see this as a likely purchase, but it will stay on the wishlist because they are the first pair of flats that I’ve actually admired for its intricate design.

#2 Valentino Garavani ($$$)

Ah yes, I could never get enough of the classic design of these rock-stub flats. I own a pair myself in the calf-skin leather, and be warned: DON’T BUY THEM. Maybe I’m just terrible at lifting my feet off the ground when I walk, but the tips of my poudre Valentinos are beyond ruined :'( But anyway, back to these shoes. Despite already owning the same pair in the same design, I don’t see myself ever getting tired of wearing rockstuds. The design of these flats makes your feet look so elegant, uncomparable to any other pair that I have put on. They’re not so comfortable for those with wide-feet though… Especially not in this patent material. At a price of C$950 (tax included), I see myself perhaps purchasing these shoes as a gift to myself of some sort.

#3 Stuart Weitzman Reserve Boot ($$)

Ok, this is a pair of shoes that I can kind of, sort of justify. I’m a petite Asian girl with skinny calves, and it is really really difficult for me to find knee-high boots that won’t just slip off my leg when I make the slightest movement. Stuart Weitzman boots are traditionally narrower, so it’s hard for me not to fall for these on their next sale event. I am aware that most people purchase the Reserve Boot in leather, but that style looked surprisingly unpleasant on me. My thin ankles got completely swallowed by the boots, and it bunched up in an unaesthetic manner near the ankles. Knee-high and over-the-knee boots are a blessing during the winter months because it serves as an additional layer for the harsh weather. So yeah, considering these boots have a lot more material than the flats listed above, C$950 is a justifiable price for me!

Process Post #9

This week in the lecture, Suzanne spoke to us about the current developments in online media as well as technology. She taught us how to customize your own Alexa from Amazon, and create algorithmic responses. I came out of the lecture feeling both grateful and a little concerned. Grateful, because the internet and technology have made life so much easier for the majority of us. Scared, because of the invasion of privacy and the fear of constantly being watched. I’m no longer surprised when I get ads of a certain brand after searching about it on the internet, but sometimes I will speak about a certain food I am craving and have the ad pop up on my Instagram feed. Now that’s a little unsettling.

With the current development in advertisement and media, many brands and advertisers have chosen to focus on mobile marketing instead of desk top marketing. We spend the majority of our day on our phones now, and the computer is often just a place to watch video content or perform work. If I am relaxing, I am more likely to be on my phone than I am to be on the computer. Even if I am on the computer, I’m usually browsing through Netflix, where I am less susceptible to advertisements. Personalized ads make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, but at what point should we question whether the loss of privacy is worth the convenience?

A minimalist’s winter wishlist – Bags

Halloween is finally over, and it’s once-again appropriate to blast Christmas music! As we head into the season of carols and gift-giving, I couldn’t help but browse through webpages for my own personal wish list. You know, the one that you save on a folder in your browser and occasionally open to take a peek at? Only to close the tabs again because your wallet is empty and you’ve spent an unreasonable amount of dollars on Starbucks.

To offset the sad thoughts as I look at all the items on my wishlist, I thought that it would be a great idea to share the things that I have been eyeing. I hope is to make this a series, where I can share one category of items per week. Due to the sheer absurdity of some of the prices, I won’t be sharing the exact retail value. But I will still link the items in the pictures, just in case anyone is looking for a worthy splurge. If you couldn’t already tell, this week we will explore my bags wishlist. Starting from most unattainable to least 😀

#1 Chanel Wallet on Chain ($$$)

This is one of those bags that I don’t quite like enough to drop the $$$, but I would consider for a graduation gift of some sort. As in, I wouldn’t pay for this out of my own pockets but if a family member purchasing it for me on a very special occasion, I would be more than grateful to receive it. This bag has an estimated retail value of C$3,000. It’s composed of lambskin and silver-tone metal. I wouldn’t suggest taking out all your savings for any bag (or any material item, really), but a great way to look at it is by setting the item as a reward after completing a goal. For me, I would consider purchasing this bag for myself once I complete my CPA. Which would be years down the road, but it serves as a form of healthy motivation.

#2 Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet ($$$)

This is a classic YSL bag that I can imagine myself using upon graduation. Realistically, I would probably choose a YSL over a Chanel bag as a graduation present. Simply because it’s a less prestige brand with a price tag that I can justify for a once-per-3-years purchase. This bag with made with “grain de poudre embossed leather”, whatever that means. It comes with the classic YSL monogram with a removable silver chain. Unlike the Chanel, this YSL bag comes with a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes. You can also choose to purchase the double-flap version of this bag , although I personally find it to be a little excessive. This bag is priced at C$2,200 before tax, which is again, an EXTREMELY hefty price tag. But for those who can justify purchasing luxury, it’s a worthy investment among other similar-priced bags.

#3 Coach Riley Top Handle 18 ($$)

Moving forward from my obsession with black wallet-on-chains, this is a more-affordable option that I can see myself purchasing in the next few months. I had the opportunity to see this model in-store yesterday at the Richmond CF center, and I was unfortunately met with the news that this color has already sold out both online AND instore. Oh well, more incentive to save my money haha. It comes with three compartments inside, with a zipper on the middle divider:

This could be good or bad news, depending on whether you enjoy organizing all your items. This could be a great design for someone who has smaller, sleek items that they carry around. It could also be a nightmare for those who want the option to stuff a whole burrito in their bag (no shame!). This bag retails for $550, and I suggest that you wait a few months before making the purchase. Coach usually drops more color options after the initial launch, and most of the more-established models have upwards 10 pattern/design options. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to treat yourself in this cold season!

Process Post #8

In this week’s lecture, our guest speaker showed us the abilities of google analytics and ad settings. Through your google search results, Google is able to make correct assumptions regarding your interests as well as facts about you. I was surprised to find that they correctly guessed my age range, relationship status, and online habits. It’s both fascinating and frightening that my computer knows so much about who I am as a person.

Additionally, we learned about the capabilities of google analytics for industry experts who use the information to analyze website statistics (such as ad dollar per post, most frequently visited web pages, etc.) I doubt that I will ever use even half of the functions that google analytics offers, but I really enjoyed learning about how marketing analytics can be used to track website usage. If I decide to change my career path and pursue Marketing instead of Accounting, I will definitely look into the many certifications that google analytics offers. I think that it would also be helpful to gain certification in Hootsuite for those who are looking into pursuing Marketing.